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Loan Types

Residential Home Loan


Investment Property Loan


Cash Out to Remodel Loan


Rate & Term Loan

If it's Residential, we do it! Everything described below is a Residential Loan.

Advantage Mortgage Service we specialize in 1-to-4 unit residential lending. Below is a list of some of the mortgage products we presently offer. If you don't see the loan product you are currently looking for, just ask. We are currently approved with over 75 top residential lenders in the nation, and if the product is out there, we will have access to it. With all these loan products, we have multiple sources to choose from, and work to get you the best possible rate on your next mortgage.
Advantage Mortgage Service covers the full spectrum of requirements related to the title, appraisal, escrow and lender to ensure a smooth process for you to get the best loan that meets your needs.  We're always happy to answer all your questions and assist you on your way to home ownership and investment.

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Your loan is our priority

Advantage Mortgage Service offers:

Conventional Loans
—Fannie Mae
—Freddie Mac
Portfolio Loans (True Portfolio - No Income & Asset!)

Government Loans
—FHA Loans (Federal Housing Administration)
—VA Loans (Veterans Administration)
—USDA Rural Housing Loans
Super Jumbo Loans

We do loans up to $3,000,000 (all types of credit)

Reverse Mortgages

Specialty Loans

Foreign Nationals Loans
Bridge Loans for:
—Rehabbers (Remodeling a Home)
—Flippers (Renovating a Home to Resell It)
—Rental Investors (Investing in 1-4 Units)

Bank Statement Loans

No-Doc Loans
(non-owner properties)  
B Paper Loans for:
—Non-Owners Only (investors in Real Estate Properties such as 1-4 Units)
Sub-Prime Loans
—Hard Money Loans

Additional B Paper Loans

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