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Renovation Loan


Renovation Loan


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Need to refinance, take cash out or consolidate debt?

With years of expert mortgage experience,
Advantage Mortgage Service can help you refinance or consolidate 1st and 2nd mortgages into just one low-rate loan—or refinance any single loan. We can also help you refinance to get out of an existing interest-only home loan. It may also be possible to lower your monthly payments, and/or to help you get cash out from the the refinance.

When you're thinking of refinancing, the first question to ask is:
What are the benefits versus the costs to refinance?

Many of our clients choose to do
no-cost or very low-cost loans, having the lender pay for most or all the closing costs. Most of the time this is possible, but if we are dealing with a low-cost FICO score borrower, it can become almost impossible to do a no-cost refinance. Every loan scenario is different, and we are here to provide you with the most competitive rate with the lowest closing costs available to you.

So whether you are doing a
rate and term loan, taking cash out, or consolidating debt, you can be assured we'll look at all options for you and get you the best loan at the best rate possible.

Investment Property Loans

You may wish to refinance one of your investment properties to increase your cash flow, do capital improvements, or take cash out to purchase another property. Whatever the reason, I will be happy to put my 35 years of experience in investing in real estate to work for your next investment property refinance.

For an in-depth look at your rental property refinance, feel free to give me a call any time. You'll find that I am far more than just a loan officer—I'm an investor, like you.

We Do:

1 to 4-unit Properties

5 to 50-unit Apartment Buildings

and many other types of
Commercial Property Loans

Your loan is our priority
Advantage Mortgage Service

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